Structure: The game will be played in a standard competitive structure
• No. of Players per Team: 5 Players
• No. of Rounds: 24. In case of a draw, there will be two more rounds of Sudden Death. This will happen until the game has a winner.
• Maps: Spilt or Blind, depending on the mood of the moderator.
• The Team winning 13 rounds first will win the match.
• Lucky Loser's selection will be based on the rounds won by the losing Team. The losing team, which wins the most rounds, will be the lucky Loser. In the case of a clash, there will be a comparison between the OVERALL KDA (Kill Death Assist Ratio) of the entire Team.


ENTRY FEES: Rs. 500/- Per Team

• SC will designate Match Referees, who will be responsible for the Match administration and the gaming conduction process. SC may change any Match Referee at any time at its discretion. Each Team can contact the Match Referees via POCs.
• All communication to the respective teams would be via their assigned POC's. The participants should contact their respective POCs for any queries and clarifications.
• All Teams and Players should behave respectfully towards other Teams and Players, spectators, the broadcast team, Match Referees.
• Player Accounts: Send requests to one of the moderator IDs who will invite you to the lobby. Once inside the lobby, invite your teammates into the same lobby, and wait till the game starts.
• All matches of the event should start, as stated by the SC. All Teams and Players in a match should be in the custom lobby and be ready to go at least fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the match.
• There will be a zoom call via which we will be moderating you. You may connect to it via a separate device.
• Any player caught cheating either by hacks, by scripts, asking other people to play using different accounts, or by any other means, the whole Team will be debarred from the event.
• In case you are disconnected from the server due to connectivity issues or technical glitches, the SC would NOT be held responsible for the same.