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EXULT 2021

Sports culture at IMT Ghaziabad is one of a kind and sets it apart. The pandemic has disrupted our lives, but it cannot stop us from delivering the best in terms of sporting excellence!


Presenting EXULT 2021 ! From 3rd-7th Feb 2021.


The country’s top B-schools are set to participate in IMT’s first ever inter-college E-sports tournament. Be it the evergreen games like Chess and Poker or your favorites like CS-Go, CODM, Dota and FIFA, we have got it all covered.

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cs go

Terrorists have one job: Plant the bomb and watch it explode. Counter Terrorists are there to restore order. Equipped with an AK-47, Hand Grenades, or an AWP and a switch-blade Knife, this game is ready to keep you on your feet!



Welcome to the 4th Edition of Counter Strike - Global Offensive.


Automated weapons AND Operator skills?! Grab your phones and experience this FPS extravaganza, available in numerous variants and maps, each ensuring their own taste of carnage.


Better keep an eye out for those incoming Chopper Missiles from the sky!


Every Agent with their own skillset, funky clothes and swagger, this game has it all. From Marksmen to Sages, experience the world of Valorant from behind the screen.


Humans, Demons, Underlords, Mages, and Gods all collide to destroy the Ancient of one another.

Do you have what it takes to stop this madness before your world collapses and crumbles back into the darkness?



Welcome to the Royal Showdown of wits. Strategize your moves, sacrifice your pawns and capture your opponent off-guard. There can be only one King left standing.


Your timer, starts now.



Poker is a mind war, it's just disguised as a game. The stakes are high and you've got to take some risks. It's either all in or nothing.


Time to go big, or go home.



Dispatch your troops across the bridge, and witness mayhem unfold. Goblin gangs, skeleton armies, Witches, Golems, Hot Air Bomb Balloons; this game has it all. Come experience glory, as you plunder kingdoms and rightfully take your crown.