• Structure: The game will be played in a standard competitive structure
• No. of Players per Team: 5 Players
• No. of Rounds: 30 (15 as Terrorists and 15 as Counter-Terrorists)
• Map Pool:
i. Mirage (Default)
ii. If Team wants to change, then vote from Mirage, Dust 2, Inferno maps
• The Team winning 16 rounds first will win the match.
• In case of a draw, i.e., 15-15 scoreboard, 3 rounds will be played in overtime, and the winner will be the Team that wins 2 out of 3 overtime rounds.
• Lucky Loser's selection will be based on the rounds won by the losing Team. The losing team, which wins the most rounds, will be the lucky Loser. In the case of a clash, there will be a comparison between the average KDA (Kill Death Assist Ratio) of the entire Team.


ENTRY FEES: Rs. 500/- Per Team

• SC will designate Match Referees, who will be responsible for the Match administration and the gaming conduction process. Sports Committee may change any Match Referees at any time at its discretion. Each Team can contact the Match Referees via POCs
• All communication to the respective teams would be via their assigned POC's. The participants should contact their respective POCs for any queries and clarifications.
• All Teams and Players should behave respectfully towards other Teams and Players, spectators, the broadcast team, Match Referees.
• There will be a zoom call via which we will be moderating you. You may connect to it via a separate device.
• Nicknames should not be defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish, or wrong spelling to avoid the requirements mentioned above is prohibited.
• Player Accounts: Every Player of the Team must have his/her game account registered with the Sports Committee.
i. Steam ID for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
ii. In-game Username
• All matches of the event should start, as stated by the Sports Committee. All Teams and Players in a match should be ready on the server to go at the latest fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the match.
• Any player caught cheating either by hacks, scripts or by any other means, the whole Team will be disbarred from the event.
• In case you are disconnected from the server due to connectivity issues or technical glitches, the Sports Committee would NOT be held responsible for the same.
• For the selection of lucky Loser (if applicable), the team lost by the narrowest margin will be selected.