Copy of Copy of EXULT 2021 Brochure (1).



Player Accounts: Every Team must register their gaming account details with the Sports Committee. This includes but is not limited to: The user ID of Call of Duty Mobile.

ENTRY FEES: Rs. 500/- Per Team

• All matches of the event will start as scheduled by the SC. All Teams and Players in a game are required to be on the server at least 15 minutes before the match's scheduled time.

• Any player caught using hacks, scripts, or any other means to manipulate the tournament in any unethical way will disqualify the Team from the entire event.

• Every participant should have the latest version of the game installed on their devices, and all additional game content should be downloaded as well

• Each team can have a roster of a maximum of 7 members, out of which a team of 5 will be playing at a time. The matches will be conducted in the following modes: i) Team Death Match – (First to score 50 points) ii) Search and Destroy – (First to win 8 rounds) iii) Domination – (First to score 200 points)

• The Team that wins two out of three rounds will be declared the winner and will move on to the next round.

• In case you are disconnected from the server due to connectivity issues or technical glitches, the SC will NOT be held accountable for the same.

• For selecting a lucky loser (if applicable), the team that has won one game out of the three will be chosen. If multiple teams win one game, the kill difference of Team Death Match will be taken, and the team with the more significant difference will be selected.